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Visiting the San Diego Zoo is a memorable experience. If you plan to visit, it is important to know what you can take with you. One of the most common questions people have is if they can take food into the San Diego Zoo. The answer is yes, but there are certain restrictions that you must follow.Yes, you can take food into the San Diego Zoo. Guests are welcome to bring in their own food and drinks, but alcohol is not allowed. Food and drink must be kept in designated eating areas only. Coolers and picnic baskets are also allowed, but glass containers, grills, and open flames are not permitted.Types of Food Allowed in San Diego Zoo

Types of Food Allowed in San Diego Zoo

Visitors to the San Diego Zoo can enjoy a variety of food options. All food items must meet the standards set forth by the zoo’s nutritional policy. The following are some of the types of food allowed in the zoo:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains, such as oatmeal, brown rice, and quinoa
  • Lean proteins, such as chicken, fish, beans, and nuts
  • Low-fat dairy products, such as yogurt and cheese

Visitors can also purchase snacks from one of the many concession stands located throughout the zoo. These snacks include items such as popcorn, pretzels, ice cream, and other treats. All snack items must meet the nutritional standards set forth by the zoo.

In addition to traditional food items, visitors to San Diego Zoo can also purchase special meals and treats from one of its many restaurants. These restaurants offer a variety of dishes inspired by global cuisines. Visitors can choose from a selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, noodles dishes, burgers and more. All restaurant meals must also meet the zoo’s nutritional requirements.

The San Diego Zoo also offers various catering options for special events. The catering menu includes items such as sandwiches platters, fruit platters and vegetable platters. The catering staff can work with guests to create a custom menu that meets their specific dietary needs and preferences.

What to Avoid Taking into San Diego Zoo

Visiting the San Diego Zoo is a fun and educational experience for the whole family. However, there are some items that visitors are not allowed to take into the zoo. These items include weapons of any kind, alcohol, glass bottles, bicycles, roller skates or scooters, and pets (except service animals).

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Additionally, visitors should avoid bringing large bags or bulky backpacks as they are not allowed on certain rides and attractions. If you plan on bringing a stroller or wheelchair for small children or elderly guests, be aware that these must fit through standard-sized doorways. Large wheeled items such as wagons and wheeled coolers are also not permitted.

Finally, the zoo does not allow outside food or beverages other than water in small plastic containers with tight lids. If you bring a picnic lunch to enjoy while visiting the zoo, it must be consumed outside of the premises.

Outside Drinks and Snacks Allowed in San Diego Zoo?

The San Diego Zoo is a great place to visit for animal lovers and families alike. While there are many places to eat and drink within the zoo, you may also be wondering if you can bring your own snacks and drinks. The answer is yes, but there are some restrictions that you should be aware of.

Outside food and beverages are allowed in the zoo, but they must not be alcoholic or need to be heated up. You are also not allowed to bring glass containers of any kind, so make sure you have plastic or aluminum containers for your food or drinks. Additionally, grilling is prohibited.

If you wish to bring a picnic lunch, there are designated areas available for picnicking. Make sure that your food does not attract wildlife by using air-tight sealable containers and not leaving any food out. There are also plenty of restaurants throughout the zoo in case you need to purchase food while visiting.

In addition to snacks and drinks, visitors are also welcome to bring a blanket or folding chair, as long as they are not taking up too much space. Just remember that no smoking or vaping is allowed inside the zoo area.

Overall, visitors can bring outside snacks and drinks into the San Diego Zoo as long as they abide by the rules set forth by the zoo staff. This will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience while at the zoo!

Where to Buy Food at San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo offers a variety of food options for visitors to enjoy. From quick snacks to full meals, there is something for everyone. In the Zoo, guests can find concession stands and restaurants offering a delicious selection of dishes. There are also several eateries located throughout the park, including the Elephant Odyssey Café, the Albert’s Restaurant and Snack Bar, and the Park Place Café.

For those looking for a quick snack on-the-go, there are plenty of grab-and-go options located throughout the park. Guests can find snacks such as popcorn, ice cream, pretzels, candy and more at concession stands or food carts located around the Zoo.

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The Zoo also has several dining locations that offer a variety of food choices. The Albert’s Restaurant and Snack Bar is located in the heart of the Zoo and offers an array of sandwiches and burgers as well as salads and sides. The Elephant Odyssey Café offers sandwiches, pizza and salads as well as drinks and snacks. The Park Place Café serves up Mexican fare including burritos, tacos, nachos and more.

In addition to traditional food options, guests can also purchase special treats such as Animal Cookies at select locations throughout the zoo or pick up souvenirs like t-shirts or stuffed animals from gift shops. There are also ice cream carts scattered throughout the park where visitors can purchase frozen treats on hot days.

With all these great options, visitors will have plenty of delicious choices while exploring the San Diego Zoo!

Food and Drinks Allowed at the San Diego Zoo

Visitors to the San Diego Zoo are allowed to bring outside food and drinks into the zoo. However, there are a few restrictions in place to ensure that all visitors have an enjoyable and safe experience. The following is a list of rules for bringing food into the San Diego Zoo:

No Glass Containers: Guests are prohibited from bringing any glass containers into the zoo as these pose a safety risk to both visitors and animals.

No Alcohol: Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed on zoo grounds. Alcohol can be purchased from one of the many bars or restaurants located within the zoo.

No BBQs or Open Flames: Guests are asked to refrain from bringing any BBQs or open flames into the zoo, as these can be hazardous to both visitors and animals.

No Live Animals: Visitors are also prohibited from bringing any live animals into the zoo. This includes domesticated animals such as cats and dogs as well as wild animals such as birds or reptiles.

Non-Perishable Food Only: Perishable food items, such as fresh fruits or vegetables, must be consumed prior to entering the zoo. Non-perishable items such as snacks, chips, or sandwiches may be brought inside.

The San Diego Zoo is dedicated to providing its guests with a safe and enjoyable experience. By following these simple rules for bringing food into the zoo, visitors can help ensure that everyone has a great time at this amazing attraction.

Are There Picnic Areas at the San Diego Zoo?

Yes, there are picnic areas at the San Diego Zoo! The Zoo offers two different picnic areas for visitors to enjoy – the Inspiration Point Picnic Area and the Discovery Outpost Picnic Area. Both of these areas offer tables and benches to provide a comfortable space for visitors to enjoy their lunch. The Inspiration Point Picnic Area is located near the entrance of the zoo and has plenty of shade, while the Discovery Outpost Picnic Area is located near the back of the zoo and offers more sunshine. Both picnic areas also have access to drinking fountains.

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In addition, visitors can also take advantage of a variety of food options available throughout the Zoo. There are several restaurants and snack stands throughout the park, so visitors can find something that appeals to them. There are also food carts located in various areas of the zoo that offer snacks such as popcorn, ice cream, and other treats.

San Diego Zoo Restaurants

The San Diego Zoo offers a variety of dining options for its guests. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, the San Diego Zoo has something for everyone. Enjoy delicious American favorites like burgers, sandwiches, and salads at The Terrace Café, or grab a quick bite to eat at the snack shops around the park. For those looking for something unique, the San Diego Zoo also offers several international cuisine options. Enjoy Mexican fare at El Jardin Restaurant or try some Asian-inspired dishes like Vietnamese Pho and Japanese sushi at Panda Express. There’s also a full-service bar serving wine, beer, and cocktails at The Oasis Bar and Grill. No matter what your taste is, there’s something to satisfy your hunger during your visit to the San Diego Zoo!


Visiting the San Diego Zoo is a great way to experience and learn about exotic animals. As a guest, you are allowed to bring food to enjoy during your visit. However, it’s important to remember that certain types of food and drinks are not allowed in the zoo. To ensure your visit is enjoyable and safe for all, please make sure to adhere to the rules and regulations of the zoo.

To make your trip even more special, consider packing a picnic lunch or snacks that you can share with your family. Doing so will help you keep track of what you have eaten while also enjoying the sights and sounds of the zoo. From sandwiches to salads, there are plenty of delicious options that will make your trip even more memorable.

When packing food for the San Diego Zoo, make sure it is something that everyone will enjoy while also keeping in mind any restrictions or guidelines set by the zoo. With some careful planning and consideration, you can have an amazing time at the San Diego Zoo with delicious food!


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