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Cub Foods is a popular grocery store chain that offers a wide range of products and services to customers. One of the items they sell in their stores is postage stamps. Cub Foods stocks various denominations of U.S. stamps, as well as international stamps, to meet the needs of customers who are looking for postage for their mailings.Yes, Cub Foods does sell stamps.

Where to Buy Stamps from Cub Foods?

Cub Foods is a popular grocery store chain in the United States, and it provides a variety of products and services, including stamps. Customers can buy stamps at Cub Foods stores throughout the country. There are a few different ways to purchase stamps from Cub Foods.

The first way to buy stamps at Cub Foods is to purchase them from the cashier at checkout. Most cashiers are able to sell you postage stamps, so you can simply ask them when you’re at the register. The second way is to purchase them from the customer service desk at any Cub Foods location. The customer service desk should have envelopes of stamps that customers can buy.

The third way is to use the automated stamp vending machine that is located near the customer service desk in most Cub Foods stores. These machines dispense various denominations of postage stamps for customers who need them quickly or who do not want to wait in line at the cashier or customer service desk.

No matter which method you choose, buying postage stamps from Cub Foods is an easy and convenient way to get what you need quickly and without having to go out of your way. As long as you know where to look, it should be easy for you to get your hands on some postage stamps at any Cub Foods store.

What Type of Stamps Does Cub Foods Sell?

Cub Foods sells a variety of stamp types, including USPS postage stamps. They offer a wide selection of USPS stamps that can be used for mailing letters, postcards, and packages. Customers can choose from single stamps, rolls of stamps, or booklets of stamps. Customers can also purchase Forever stamps, which are non-denominational and do not expire. In addition to USPS stamps, Cub Foods also sells custom commemorative stamps designed to celebrate special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries. Cub Foods offers customers the convenience of ordering postage online through their website or app, in addition to the option to purchase them in-store.

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Cub Foods also offers a variety of other stamp types, such as state tax stamps and charity donation stamps. The state tax stamp is used to pay taxes on products purchased in certain states and is required by law in those states. Charity donation stamps are used to make donations to charitable organizations and are available in various denominations. Customers can also purchase specialty postage such as holiday-themed or custom-designed postage that can be used for mailing cards and gifts during the holiday season.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Cub Foods?

At Cub Foods, the cost of stamps varies based on the type and number of stamps purchased. Standard First Class stamps cost $0.55 each, while postcards are $0.35 each. If you purchase a book or roll of stamps from Cub Foods, you can receive a discount on the total cost. For example, a book of 20 First Class stamps costs $11.00, while a roll of 100 First Class stamps costs $50.00.

It is important to note that the cost of stamps at Cub Foods may change from time to time due to inflation and other factors. If you are looking for the most recent prices, it is best to check with your local store for current pricing information. Additionally, you may be able to find discounted prices online or through coupon codes and other discounts provided by the store itself.

Can I Buy Stamps Online from Cub Foods?

Unfortunately, you are not able to purchase stamps online from Cub Foods. However, you can purchase stamps from any local post office or retail store in the area. You can also purchase stamps from the US Postal Service website. Stamps can be purchased in sheets of 20 for the current rate of 55 cents each. If you are looking for other options, you may be able to find them at your local grocery store or pharmacy.

If you are unable to find stamps at your local stores or the USPS website, there are a few other ways to get them. You can find online merchants that sell postal stamps and they will usually ship them directly to your home. Another option is to buy pre-paid postage cards or labels online that you can use just like regular stamps. The prices vary by merchant, so it is important to shop around and compare prices before making your purchase.

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No Membership Required to Buy Stamps

No, you do not need to be a member of the Cub Rewards program in order to purchase stamps. The Cub Rewards program is an optional loyalty program that offers discounts and other benefits to members. You can still buy stamps at Cub without signing up for the rewards program. You can visit any store or online store to purchase stamps. Additionally, you can also purchase stamps through the USPS website or by calling their customer service department.

When purchasing stamps at Cub, there are several options available. You can buy individual stamps or full sheets of stamps, depending on your needs. If you need a large quantity of stamps for business purposes, you may want to consider ordering them in bulk from the USPS website or calling their customer service department. Bulk orders of stamps are generally cheaper than individual purchases and can be shipped directly to your address.

For more convenience, you may also want to consider signing up for the Cub Rewards program. This loyalty program offers discounts on items such as postage and mailing supplies, plus exclusive offers and promotions for members only. Signing up is free and easy; simply visit any participating store or online store and provide your email address and basic contact information. Once enrolled, you’ll start receiving rewards points every time you make a purchase at participating stores, which can be used toward future purchases or exchanged for special offers and discounts.

Are There Any Other Ways to Buy Stamps from Cub Foods?

Yes, there are other ways to buy stamps from Cub Foods. Aside from visiting a store and purchasing them directly, customers can purchase stamps online or through the mail.

Online: Customers can purchase stamps through the official US Postal Service website. This is a convenient way to buy stamps as customers can select their preferred denomination and place the order without having to leave their home. The stamps will be mailed directly to their address within a few days.

Through the Mail: Customers can also order stamps through the mail by filling out a form and sending it with payment to their local post office. Once the payment is received, customers will receive their order within 5-7 business days.

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In addition, some stores that carry Cub Foods products may also offer postage stamp services. Customers should check with their local stores for availability and pricing information before making a purchase.

Buying Stamps at a Cub Foods Store

The process for buying stamps at a Cub Foods store is quite simple. First, you will need to find the appropriate area in the store where stamps are sold. Most stores have a section dedicated to stamps, often located near the check-out counters.

Once you find the stamp section, you will need to select which types of stamps you would like to purchase. There are several different types available, such as postcards and first-class mail. You can also buy rolls of stamps in larger quantities.

Once you have picked out the type of stamp that you would like to buy, you will need to pay for your purchase. Most Cub Foods stores accept cash and debit or credit cards as forms of payment. You can also use coupons or special offers that might be available in the store for additional savings on your purchase.

After making your payment, you will receive your stamps and be able to use them immediately for mailing purposes. It is important to remember that some types of stamps may require additional postage if they are heavier or larger than normal letters or packages. Be sure to check with your local post office if you have questions about how much postage is needed for a particular item being mailed.


Cub Foods does not sell stamps, however they do offer other services that can make up for this lack. They have a wide variety of grocery items, snacks, and other items that can meet your needs. Additionally, they offer a convenient online ordering system so you can select what you need and have it delivered right to your door.

Overall, Cub Foods is an excellent choice for those looking for a place to purchase groceries and other items without having to worry about having to buy stamps. Their selection is wide and prices are competitive, making them an ideal option for those who want to save time and money on their grocery shopping.


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