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Domino’s is an American pizza restaurant chain that offers a wide variety of food options. Many people wonder if Domino’s accepts EBT food stamps. The answer is yes, Domino’s does accept EBT food stamps as a form of payment in certain locations. Some locations may offer delivery services for orders placed with EBT cards, while other locations may not have the option available. It is important to contact your local Domino’s store to find out more information about their EBT payment policy.Yes, Domino’s accepts EBT Food Stamps as a form of payment.

What is EBT and How Does it Work?

EBT, or Electronic Benefits Transfer, is a government-run program that allows individuals who are approved for certain benefits to receive their funds electronically, instead of through paper checks. EBT is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and it can be used to purchase groceries and other items such as clothing and hygiene products. With an EBT card, users can withdraw cash from ATMs, purchase items at authorized retailers, and even check their balance online.

EBT cards work much like a debit card. When someone receives their benefits, the money is deposited into their account and then they can access those funds with the EBT card. The card can be used just like a regular debit or credit card at participating retailers. The retailer will enter the amount of the transaction into its point-of-sale system to deduct the payment from the user’s account balance.

When someone uses an EBT card to make a purchase, they must enter their PIN number as an added layer of security. This helps ensure that only authorized users are using the card. Additionally, each time someone uses their EBT card, they will receive an email or text notification so that they know how much money is left in their account balance.

EBT cards offer a convenient way for people who are approved for certain government benefits to receive them quickly and securely. They also allow users to budget more easily by monitoring their spending in real time rather than waiting for paper checks to arrive in the mail each month.

Is Domino’s Eligible for EBT Food Stamps?

Domino’s does not accept EBT/SNAP benefits. In order to be eligible for EBT/SNAP benefits, a restaurant must serve hot meals, and Domino’s does not offer this service. However, Domino’s does offer other options that may be of assistance to those who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

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For example, Domino’s offers a variety of meal bundles that can feed up to four people and can be ordered online or over the phone. These bundles include pizza, wings, sides, desserts and drinks at discounted prices. Additionally, customers can use their Domino’s loyalty program points to get discounts on future orders.

Domino’s also offers delivery services for orders placed in participating stores. This means that customers can place an order online or over the phone and have it delivered right to their door within 30 minutes or less. It is important to note that delivery fees may apply depending on location.

In conclusion, while EBT/SNAP benefits cannot be used at Domino’s restaurants, there are still many options available for customers who are looking to save money while enjoying their favorite pizza dishes. Customers should consider using the meal bundles or delivery services offered by Domino’s in order to save money on their next meal purchase.

What Types of EBT Cards Does Domino’s Accept?

Domino’s restaurants across the United States accept a variety of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards, including those issued by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP EBT cards are accepted both in-store and online when ordering. Customers can use SNAP EBT cards to pay for their orders, just like any other form of payment. Customers should select the “EBT Card” option in the payment section when placing an order online or present their card to the cashier at checkout when ordering in-store. In addition to SNAP EBT cards, customers may also use Women, Infants and Children (WIC) EBT cards to pay for their orders.

When using an EBT card to pay for an order, customers will need to let the cashier know that they will be using their card as payment. After swiping or scanning the card, customers will need to enter their PIN number on a keypad provided by the restaurant. Once the transaction has been authorized, customers can complete their order and enjoy their meal!

Note that some Domino’s locations may not accept EBT cards as payment due to local laws and regulations. Customers should contact their local Domino’s restaurant directly prior to placing an order if they have questions about accepted forms of payment.

Paying with an EBT Card at Domino’s

Paying with an EBT card at Domino’s is a simple and secure process. To begin, customers must select their items from the online menu or make their order over the phone. When ready to check out, customers will be prompted to enter their payment method. Customers can then enter their EBT card information and complete the transaction.

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The EBT card must be issued by a state or federal agency in order to be accepted by Domino’s. Customers should also ensure that they have enough funds on the card to cover the cost of their order before submitting it for payment. After entering the EBT card information, customers will need to enter their personal identification number (PIN) to complete the transaction.

Once approved, customers will receive an email confirmation of their purchase and can track their order online or on the Domino’s app. Customers should keep in mind that some locations may not accept EBT cards as a payment method, so it is important to check with local stores before ordering.

Domino’s accepts a variety of payment methods including EBT cards, debit cards, credit cards, PayPal and Cash App payments for online orders and cash payments for in-store purchases. Customers should also keep in mind that fees may apply when using certain payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal.

Are There Any Restrictions When Using an EBT Card at Domino’s?

Domino’s accepts Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards at all participating locations in the United States. Customers can use their EBT cards to pay for any menu items, including specialty pizzas and sides. However, there are some restrictions when it comes to using EBT cards at Domino’s.

Customers can only use their EBT card to purchase food items from Domino’s. Alcohol, gift cards, and non-food items like paper plates and napkins are not eligible for purchase with an EBT card. Additionally, customers cannot use their EBT card to pay for delivery fees or taxes on their orders.

Customers cannot use their EBT card to pay for any online orders placed through the Domino’s website or mobile app. To use an EBT card at Domino’s, customers must order in-store from a participating location and present their card during checkout. Customers should also be aware that some states may limit the amount of money that can be spent per transaction when using an EBT card at Domino’s.

How to Find a Participating Domino’s Location with EBT

Domino’s pizza is a popular option for many families across the country, and it is now easier than ever to pay with Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. EBT cardholders can now purchase Domino’s pizzas at select locations. To help you find a participating Domino’s location near you that accepts EBT, here are some helpful steps:

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Step 1: Visit the Domino’s website. On the homepage, click on the “Locations” tab at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Enter your address or zip code in the search bar and click “Find Locations.” This will bring up a list of all nearby Domino’s locations.

Step 3: Look for the “EBT Accepted Here!” sign under each location (see image below). This indicates that the store accepts EBT cards as payment.

Ebt accepted sign

If you don’t see the “EBT accepted here!” sign, it means that store does not accept EBT payment and you will need to look for an alternate location that does accept it. You can also contact your local Domino’s directly by phone or online to inquire about their payment options before placing your order.

Are There Any Additional Costs When Paying with an EBT Card at Domino’s?

Paying with an EBT card at Domino’s is a convenient and affordable option for those receiving SNAP benefits. However, there may be additional costs associated with using the card. Depending on the state in which you live, these costs can include fees for processing or activating the card. In some states, there may also be sales taxes imposed on items purchased with an EBT card. To find out more about any additional costs associated with your state’s EBT program, contact your local SNAP office.

In addition to any fees or taxes, it’s important to note that some items may not be eligible for purchase with an EBT card. This includes certain types of prepared food and alcoholic beverages. As always, it is important to check with your local store for more information on what can and cannot be purchased using an EBT card.


In conclusion, Domino’s does accept EBT food stamps as a form of payment. The process is simple and straightforward, customers just need to make sure to inform their local store ahead of time. This ensures that the store has enough time to prepare for the order. Customers who would like to use EBT food stamps should contact their local Domino’s store directly for more information.

Overall, using EBT food stamps at Domino’s is an easy and convenient way for customers who receive food stamp benefits to enjoy a delicious meal without worrying about their budget. It is important to remember that not all Domino’s locations accept EBT payments so customers should always check with their local store first. By following these steps, customers can enjoy a great pizza at an affordable cost.


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